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Baseball in New Bern Oral History Project

Page history last edited by Victor Jones 7 years, 3 months ago

The following interviews were conducted in conjunction with the Pride and Passion: The African American Baseball Experience exhibit sponsored by the New Bern-Craven County Public Library from March 8 through April 18, 2013. The interviews were conducted with Sharon Bryant at Tryon Palace (audio interviews) and with Kate Amerson's Humanities Class and the Phi Theta Kappa Chapter at Craven Community College (video interviews).


Audio Interviews:

  • Group Interview: Joseph Shepard, Herbert Shepard and Empie Sidbury
  • Guion, William
  • Holloway, David
  • Long, Carl
  • Moore, Billy
  • Pelham, Leslie O.
  • Perry, Bob
  • Pickett, Charles H.
  • Shepard, Herbert (see also Group Interview with Joseph Shepard and Empie Sidbury)
  • Shepard, Joseph (see also Group Interview with Herbert Shepard and Empie Sidbury)
  • Sidbury, Empie (see also Group Interview with Herbert Shepard and Joseph Shepard)
  • White, Cleo


Video Interviews:

  • Group Interview: Long, Carl and Graham Stilley
  • Ballenger, Robin
  • Bengel, Buddy
  • Bengel, Sabrina
  • Derda, Agnes (wife of "Red" Derda)
  • Henderson, David
  • Long, Carl (see also group interview with Graham Stilley)
  • Skinner, Richard
  • Stewart, Wes (son of Veston "Bunky" Stewart)
  • Stilley, Graham (see also group interview with Carl Long)
  • Yohn, Charles, Jr.


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