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New York Regiments Based in New Bern

Page history last edited by Victor Jones 2 years, 11 months ago

3d Cavalry
12th Cavalry
23d Cavalry
13th Heavy Artillery
Rocket Batt. Light Artillery
Marine Artillery
3d Light Artillery
16th Independent Batt. Light Artillery
23d Independent Batt. Light Artillery
24th Independent Batt. Light Artillery

3d Infantry
9th Infantry

20th Infantry
47th Infantry
48th Infantry

51st Infantry

53d Infantry
56th Infantry

81st Infantry

85th Infantry
89th Infantry
92d Infantry
96th Infantry
98th Infantry

99th Infantry
100th Infantry

103d Infantry

112th Infantry

128th Infantry
131st Infantry
132d Infantry
156th Infantry
158th Infantry
159th Infantry

175th Infantry
176th Infantry

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