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Behind the Veil Oral History Project

Page history last edited by Victor Jones 13 years, 4 months ago

The Behind the Veil Oral History Project (ms#16) contains tape summaries, interviewee information, and tapes (only) of the following interviews:


Adams, Eva (tape only)

Attmore, Arlestus (tape only)


Barrett, Mamie

Becton-Fleming, Velma

Bell, Emma

Best, Hayward

Bland, Carolyn

Bland, James

Booker, Wallace

Boyd, Aaron

Brown, Alfreda

Bryan, Samuel

Bryant, Arabelle


Campbell, Emeler

Campbell, Sarah

Carter, Dorcas

Clemmons, Ernestine

Collins, Alfreda


Daniels, Dolletha

Davis, Rebecca

Dent, Mary

Donaldson, Annie

Downing, Myrtle

Dudley, Lucy

Dunson, Helen


Evans, Narcissus


Forbes, Rowena


Gavin, Annie

Grantham, Rosa


Harding, James

Harris, Clayton

Hayes, James

Hickman, WIllie


Jones, Frances

Joyner, Luvenia


Kelsey, Christine


League, Mary

Lewis, James

Lewis, Rosetta

Lewis, Ruth


McCoy, Lucinda (tape missing)

Moore, Catherine

Moore, George

Morgan, Leander

Moye, John


Payne, Velma

Perry, Mary

Pickens, Lucille


Roberts, Mary

Ryder, Naomi


Simmons, Ruth

Spicer, Bessie

Stone, Mary

Strong, Andrew

Sutton, Georgia


Wade, Harriet

White, Mary

Whitfield, Emma

Williams, Janie

Wordlaw, Clarita


The original project was conducted by Duke University, which has a web site dedicated to the entire Behind the Veil: Documenting African American Life in the Jim Crow South project.




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