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Craven Biographies Index O

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Oaksmith, Appleton (1827-1887)

  • TePaske, John J. "Appleton Oaksmith, Filibuster Agent" North Carolina Historical Review (October 1958): 427-447.


Oden, Allen G. (1840-1894)

  • Bishir, Catherine W. Crafting Lives: African American Artisans in New Bern, North Carolina, 1770-1900 (Chapel Hill: UNC Press, 2013), 281-282. 


O'Hara, James Edward (1844-1905)

  • Dictionary of North Carolina Biography


O'Hara, Raphael (1872 - ?)

  • History of the American Negro. North Carolina Edition. (Atlanta: A.B. Caldwell Pub. Co., 1921), 4: 107-109, port.


Oliver, Hannah Attmore (1860-1943)

  • Lore, Richard. "Poor Little Sunshine, Mama Gave Her Away" Journal of the New Bern Historical Society (May 2002): 3-12, port.


Oliver, Mary Taylor (1859-1951)

  • Gooding, James R. "Reminiscences of Miss Mary and the Attmore-Oliver House" Journal of the New Bern Historical Society (November 1989): 3-10.


Oliver, William H. (1829 - )

  • Confederate Military History, Extended Edition (Wilmington, NC: Broadfoot Pub. Co., 1987), 5:676-677. 


Osborne, John Chevor (d. 1819)

  • Dictionary of North Carolina Biography

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