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Craven County Gazetteer: B

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Batchelder Creek—see Bachelor Creek

Bachelor* (Cherry Point Quad) populated place on w side of Clubfoot Creek

Bachelor Creek*--(Askin Quad)

Back Creek*--(Merrimon Quad)


Bairds Creek*—see Beards Creek*

Barney Branch (Cherry Point Quad) a branch which flows mainly nw into Cahoogue Creek

Barrington’s Ferry—also known as Lincoln’s Ferry

Batchelder Creek

Bay Bush Poquosin—site named on J.F. Gilmer’s map, 1864

Bay Point—(Upper Broad Creek Quad)

Bay River (community, now in Pamlico County)

Baybush Swamp—(Vanceboro Quad)

Beach Haven

Bear Branch—(Fort Barnwell Quad)

Bear Hole Poquosin—site named on J.F. Gilmer’s map, 1864

Beard Creek*—now in Pamlico County

Beards Creek*—now in Pamlico County

Beasley's Island

Beaver Swamp—site named on J.F. Gilmer’s map, 1864

Beaverdam Branch—(Jasper Quad)

Beaverdam Creek—(Trenton Quad)

Beaverdam Swamp (Askin Quadrangle USGS)


Bee Neck Swamp

Beech Grove

Beech Tree Branch—(Jasper Quad)

Beechwood Farm—site about “eight miles from New Berne”; in the vicinity of Brices Creek. [New Bern Weekly Journal, October 15, 1885, p. 3, c. 6]

Bellair—(Askin Quad)

Bell’s Mill

Bern Cemetery—(New Bern Quad)

Bicentennial Park

Biddle Bridge—(Vanceboro Quad) —site named on J.F. Gilmer’s map, 1864

Biddle Landing—(Fort Barnwell Quad)

Big Branch (Cherry Point Quad) a branch which flows n to ne into Mitchell Creek.

Big Pocosin

Black Beacon Point

Black Branch—(New Bern Quad)

Black Swamp

Blackmans Creek

Blades (Cherry Point Quad) populated place on e side of Clubfoot Creek

Blades Post Office

Blue Heaven

Blue Springs

Bowling Heights (subdivision)

Brice Creek Pocosin

Brice Creek Recreation Site

Brice’s Creek

Brick Kiln (near Vanceboro)

Bridge Creek


Bridgeton Cemetery

Brinson Memorial School

Brownsville (James City)

Brushy Fork Branch

Buck Branch—tributary of Core Creek (#9 Township) per JBG


Burnt Place—site named on J.F. Gilmer’s map, 1864

Bushy Fork Branch

Butlers Ford—site named on J.F. Gilmer’s map, 1864

Buzzards Corner

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